Make the switch to digital TV today

Do you have an old TV but want to access all the digital TV channels? Well, it’s as easy as purchasing a Freeview box from our online range and hooking it up to your TV. You’ll get access to Freeview TV, a free to air TV service that will give you more channels, clearer pictures and sound, and 8 days of schedules to your TV so you can plan your viewing. We also offer PVR – Personal Video Recorder - and DVR – Digital Video Recorder - devices so that you’ll never have to miss a show again.

With a Freeview box or receiver you have the option of turning your TV into much more than a TV. With our range of options you can have excess channels as well as a recorder, digital satellite and Blu Ray DVD player. Get the most out of your entertainment range with a choice to watch whatever you want when you want to.

We offer some of the best digital media players from exclusive brands like Panasonic and more. Take your leisure time watching television to the next level when you enter the digital realm. Get better quality, sound and detail while also having the power of time in your hands. Never miss a film or show again when you use your the options available with a PVR or DVR. Have a browse online today and find which digital box is right for you or alternatively phone your closest Harvey Norman Sales representative for more information. 

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