Enjoy music wirelessly with Bluetooth speakers

Say goodbye to tangled wires and hidden power sockets with the introduction of wireless speakers. Never be constrained to one place again and take the beats you love with you wherever you go. At Harvey Norman we have a range of portable speakers, Bluetooth speakers and more from the best brands. Yamaha and Sony are just some of the big names that have mastered audio systems and are available here.

Connect your iPod or your choice of plenty of other devices to the available outlets in Bluetooth and portable speakers. The speaker will allow you to play your playlist at the next picnic at the park and is easy to set up. Alternatively use the variety of options available to enhance sound from your laptop, iPhone or iPod and receive better quality and volumes.

Choose from a diverse collection of colours, styles and shapes to add a decorative flare to your home decor. Taking the speakers out? They’re made to cater to your needs with light-weight makes that will make it easier and more practical for when you’re on the move. Have a browse online at our exclusive options and shop online today to get the best quality audio home-delivered. 

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