Upgrade your kitchen today with our waste disposal units and more

Are you looking for somewhere to dispose your food wastes? At Harvey Norman, we offer an essential range of what has now become one of the most important appliances in the kitchen – waste disposal units. We stock state of the art equipment like Insinkerator which ensures your food scraps are dealt with the right way.

Food waste can be messy and problematic when cooking in the kitchen. The piling of vegetable skins, fruit scraps and all the excess that comes from foods calls for a quick and effective solution, that doesn’t have you regretting the decision to dine at home. High-end appliances like the latest Insinkerator 65 provide you with brilliant design and stainless steel appeal to match with your kitchen decor and ensure all your needs are met. Choose from a range of waste disposal units, hot water dispensers, filtered water taps and more.

Once you’ve got your waste and water solutions handled, discover kitchen and laundry sink storage options. As the used item in the kitchen, your sink says a lot about how you dine at home. Pick from a range of spacious sink and tap alternatives with a diversity of models to assist in finding what’s best suited for your home. Have a browse through our website and find the finest collections to cater to your waste and tap necessities. Buy online today and get selected items home-delivered in just a few easy clicks. 

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