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Getting the perfect night’s sleep means finding the perfect mattress. If you want to catch some quality Zs, take a look at our extensive range of mattresses from the biggest names in the business, including SleepMaker, King Koil and Beautyrest. You can find a wide range of mattresses in a selection of styles and sizes, from the softest option all the way to ultra-firm. So whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, a pocket spring mattress or even an air mattress, check out our range to find the perfect mattress for you.

Tempur is a big name in mattresses, offering a range of styles and support ratings. If you’re looking for a Tempur mattress, check out our Tempur range for the ultimate in comfort and therapeutic support. Some options include the Tempur Airflow System base, designed to increase air flow within the mattress, enhancing the support it provides and maintaining its comfort level over time. Check out the specs on your Tempur mattress to find the option that offers everything you need.

SleepMaker is another popular name in the world of mattresses, also offering a range of sizes, styles and support ratings. When it comes to getting the best possible night’s sleep, everyone has a preference in terms of the support they receive. If you choose a SleepMaker mattress, you can choose from a selection of support ratings, which include plush, medium and firm. Simply find the support you like best, and you can enjoy a perfectly comfortable, relaxing night’s sleep!

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At Harvey Norman we have a wide selection of mattresses to choose from, combining both comfort and support to match your unique sleep style. Trying to find the right mattress can feel challenging, but our team are here to help you. Come and visit us instore and we can talk to you about your needs, whether you have a bad back, neck ache, are a restless sleeper or you wish to upgrade to a new healthy more comfortable bed. See our sleep experts for the right advice. Here is a sneak peek on what’s on offer.

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