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Don’t wait until the summer gets really hot, get in early!

As is the case with so many types of electrical products, there are all kind of intelligent tech Fans, Purifiers, Evaporative Coolers, Heaters and various hybrid combinations on the market now. The days of people buying typically tall, loud, fragile, Pedestal Fans are very much numbered. Now there are a wide variety of intuitive, smart tech, quiet and lightweight options available to cool you and your family on those hot summer nights.

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Tower two-in-ones – Fans and Purifiers

Tower two-in-ones – Fans and Purifiers

Tower fans such as the Dyson TP04 and DP04 are both air purifying fans. Both feature adjustable heights, 350 degrees oscillation, numerous fan speed settings and voice control. They’re also seriously smart pieces of tech! You can check your air quality, temperature and humidity levels as well as receive feedback about maintenance schedules. As well as being clever, they are designed to be sleek, stylish and discreet in your living space.

The Dyson AM09 and HP04 models are both fan/heaters with the Dyson HP04 also ticking the Purifier box as well. Both of these include digital feedback to the app on your phone providing you with real time updates about your air quality. You can also control these fans from a comfortable distance using either the app on your phone or the remote control.

Dyson AM09 Air Multiplier fan/heaters boast a powerful airflow and high velocity and Air Multiplier technology for long range heat projection. Air Multiplier means that there are no blades and no choppy airflow. This technology is so sophisticated it is based on similar technology used to cool channels on airplane jet engines. Ceramic plates with the loop amplifier heat the airflow. There is a built-in fan process that ensures the surface of the fan stays cool and the ceramic plates warm up to a self-regulating 180 degrees.

Not only do these tower fans/purifiers circulate cool or hot air they also purify the air of allergens, dust particles and smoke.

If you are looking for a more traditional, low cost tower fan, Harvey Norman have the Sunbeam 90cm and Micasa range. These models, while more basic than the others in stock, represent solid value for money with 3 fan speeds, 8 hour auto timer and remote control functionality.

Hot tip: Dyson Purifiers are certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Heater and Fan – Dyson AM09 and HP04

Heater and Fan

Air Multiplier fans such as the Dyson AM09 and HP04 are precise and intuitive with a sleep timer function that means the fan can be programmed to turn off at preset intervals – they are safe, with a sleek design and are easy to clean.

The HP04 covers even more bases: it’s a fan, heater and purifier with elegant styling and excellent performance. Not only do they circulate cool or hot air they also purify the air of allergens and dust particles.

They both include voice control mode and have been awarded Quiet Mark accreditation for their unobtrusive sound output.

Hot tip: the Dyson HP04 projects 290 litres of purified air per second. It mixes or circulates the air to heat or cool you anywhere in the room.

Desk Fan

Desk Fan

At first glance our PopFan Desk fans and Dimplex Air Circulator Fans may not immediately impress with their apparently simple and traditional design. But on closer inspection you’ll notice they are packed with useful features and they are super easy to carry around.

Unlike many other fans, the Dimplex Air Circulator and the PopFan Desk Fan boast full 360 degrees oscillation ability and auto air circulation. The PopFan Desk Fan also has a remarkable folding capability that reduces their size to about 25% of their standing size - perfect for travellers.

The PopFan Desk Fans are also fully rechargeable via usb port, they have a battery life of up to 15 hours on low power mode and are remarkably quiet at 32dB thanks to their AC motors.

Hot tip: 360 degrees oscillation & folds down to 25% of its size! Will probably fit in your handbag.

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