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Shape up with our fitness equipment

Whether you’re hitting the gym, playing sports or taking a stroll – your health is important. Looking after your physical health also gives you an endorphin boost which is crucial to looking after your mental health and self esteem. Improving your fitness and looking after yourself is easier with our range of health monitoring equipment such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, scales, blood pressure monitors and more.

We stock market leading brands like Garmin, Apple, Fitbit and Samsung, Beurer blood pressure monitors and scales by Sanitas, Beurer, and Fitbit. You'll also find digital thermometers by Braun and Beurer - excellent for monitoring your toddler or child's temperature.  

Shop online and enhance your fitness and health journey today or visit your nearest store to get expert in-person advice. 

Health & Fitness at Harvey Norman

Shape up with our fitness equipment

Improving your fitness and looking after yourself is easier with our range of health monitoring equipment such as fitness trackers, smart watches, scales, blood pressure monitors and more.

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Smart Watches at Harvey Norman

Smart Watches

Smart watches combine activity tracking and the connectivity of a smart phone, with LTE smart watches even able to act independently as a phone. Most entry-level smart watches are packed full of features such as motivational reminders, heart rate, sleep & step tracking being the most common. Premium level smart watches offer additional features such as blood oxygen level, fall detection, music storage, mapping, GPS and ECG.

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Fitness Trackers at Harvey Norman

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers will track a variety of metrics in a slimline form factor. Fitness trackers are geared towards getting you to move more, sleep better and improve your overall health with many having built-in features like step, sleep and heart rate tracking, motivational reminders and a long-lasting battery.

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Scales at Harvey Norman


A set of smart scales measure more than just weight. Additional metrics allow you to see the big picture of your health with the ability to monitor body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, water percentage and BMI.

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Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitors at Harvey Norman

Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitors

Heart rate & Blood Pressure Monitors enable you to monitor your health from the comfort of your home. When it comes to Blood Pressure Monitors you have the option of a traditional upper arm monitor or a wrist blood pressure monitor. The former being more precise, while the latter offers constant monitoring of blood pressure and is faster and more flexible.

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Thermometers at Harvey Norman


Non-contactless thermometers are fast, precise and often include the additional built-in features when compared to a traditional thermometer. With a non-contactless thermometer you can take measurements from the ear or forehead, store previous temperatures to compare, view date time and temperature measurements. Plus the illuminated display makes it easy to take a temperature in low-light environments.

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Breathalysers at Harvey Norman


A breathalyser estimates your alcohol level in seconds, allowing you to make better decisions while drinking and consuming alcohol responsibly.

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