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Fitness monitoring gear for you

Are you looking to enhance your fitness regime? Whether you’re looking for preventative equipment or weight progress indicators, you can’t go wrong with our health and wellbeing range. We offer a range of scales, heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor machines and more. Self-monitoring will allow for an all-rounded approach to your health that saves you time and allows you to see the benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Bathroom scales not only help you track your weight but can also add to the bathroom decor with a variety of fancy styles available online. We have digital scales that offer new technology such as wireless connectivity and products like a BMI scale facilitate monitoring the effects of your fitness regime.

Tracking your body's health has just gotten easier with the health monitoring range at Harvey Norman. A blood pressure monitor works to give you an insight into your wellbeing. Ideal for those who need regular check-ups, a compact blood pressure monitor allows you to check your blood pressure at home and away. Gain a deeper insight into your wellbeing with a thermometer and keep an eye on that fever before having to go to a health practitioner.

Shop online today for health and wellbeing monitoring equipment and get selected items home-delivered in just a few simple clicks. 

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