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Have a GPS and crash cam for your car

A GPS can be a very handy device, giving you the guidance through even the more tricky routes. Our navigation range includes a car GPS so that you can drive in confidence, as well as a handheld GPS for the adventurous ones of you who like exploring the path less taken.

Keep track of your position with a GPS from TomTom NZ, Garmin, or Navman. Some GPS also come with maps, so make sure to get one that will have you exploring in no time. If you hate getting stuck in traffic, some of the navigation systems can detect what will be the fastest route for you to avoid traffic, as well as speed camera warnings, school zone warnings and more! To find the right GPS for your car make sure to have a good look through our selection, with the range of different features to help you find your destination.

If you want to insure yourself against crashes by recording when you drive then a crash cam is a great addition to your car's setup, giving you the evidence you need for if you have to deal with an insurance company. Have a browse through our range online and be prepared just in case you have to file a claim with your insurance.

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