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New Zealand’s first ever smart bed with track and change technology

Sleepsense is New Zealand’s first smart bed with ‘track and change’ technology, which provides you with the actionable insights into your bed’s comfort settings so you can create the perfect sleeping arrangement.

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Key features of the Sleepsense range


A bed with firmness you can adjust

As life changes, your Sleepsense mattress can change with you. With a choice of hundreds of comfort combinations - from very firm to ultra plush, Sleepsense allows you to customise your comfort on each side of the mattress. Using the Sleepsense remote control or smart phone app, you can adjust your comfort at any time, to meet your changing needs.


A bed that moves and massages

Partner your Sleepsense mattress with a Genius adjustable base to find your ideal sleep position. Select one of the preset positions or adjust the elevation of the head and foot of the bed to find a combination that lets you relax in the most comfortable way. Or, take your relaxation to the next level with a massage.


A bed that tracks your sleep quality

Track your sleep with advanced sleep tracking technology built-in to selected Sleepsense mattresses. Your sleep is monitored by sensors that deliver your sleep data to the Sleepsense app on your smart phone. You can use this information to adjust your mattress firmness, sleep position and lifestyle habits to improve your sleep, night after night.

Features vary from product to product within the Sleepsense range. Please view individual products for key features.

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