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If you’re looking for cutting-edge technology for your your new TV then look no further. LCD or Liquid Crystal Display TV’s are those which have screens made up of electrically-charged liquid crystals that refract light from fluorescent tubes behind them. This gives you one of the best picture displays when viewing your shows and movies at home.

With crystal like colours your TV experience will be transformed to a high-end, eye-catching cinema feel. Choose from some of the best Smart TV brands like Sony TVPanasonic TV and more to receive your entertainment with a touch of brightness. LCD TV’s have the advantage of carrying less weight than plasmas, making them more portable. They are also more energy efficient and having greater pixels on the screen – meaning better image quality. Plug in a HDMI cable with ports available for sharing sound and picture from other devices.

Fit them into any space with sizes ranging from 24 to 55 inches, making it suitable for any room in the house. LCD TV’s that use LED are a step up and can be best described as the latest generation of LCD screens. It uses LED lights to bring greater vibrancy to the screen, slimmer design, lighter weight and the most energy efficient TV available. Have a browse through our website and shop online to get your LCD-LED TV home-delivered.

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