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Store wine with a wine cooler

Are you a wine lover that loves to keep your collection at home? Whether it’s fine wines or a passion for building on the classics, you can’t go wrong when investing in a wine cooler. Keep your wine well preserved regardless of whether there is a wine cellar available and celebrate special occasions without having to chill the wine beforehand.

It’s like having your very own wine fridge with plenty of space for stocking up on your favourite pleasures, without the hassle of space or ruining the wine. With compartment spaces large enough to store up to 36 bottles and features like temperature control, you’ll never have to go out for a glass of red or white again.

Choose from exclusive brands like Vintec and Micasa and add a classic touch to your home with a place to store your vintages. Get the ultimate wine and dine experience in the comfort of your own dining table with a bottle ready for a family get together or spoiling your other half. Shop online today and choose the right wine cabinet for you in just a few simple clicks.

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