Find Your Fit

On the walk to work, at the weight room or in the last mile. Somewhere between first tries and finish lines.

Pillow fights and pushing limits. That’s where you find fitness. Every moment matters and every bit makes a big impact. Because fitness is the sum of your life. That’s the idea Fitbit was built on—that fitness is not just about gym time. It’s all the time.

How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible. Seek it, crave it, live it.

Steps are just the beginning

Fitbit Activity

Fitbit tracks your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep throughout the day, and show you how small steps can have a huge impact, help you stay motivated, and help find your fitness.

Find Your Fit

Fitbit has a history of inventing the future

Fitbit First

Fitbit was the first brand in the category, the first to introduce automatic, wireless syncing, and the first to proivde an open API. Our algorithms have been the benchmark. Even now, when we've got industry-leading battery life and the thinniest, lightest GPS + heart rate device on the shelf - we're still just getting started.

Find Your Fit

Stay motivated 24/7 with the Fitbit dashboard

Fitbit Dashboard

Keep track of your fitness with online and mobile tools that displays data from your Fitbit in charts and graphs on the Fitbit dashboard. Supported on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, Fitbit app lets you see stats like steps, pace, time, floors climbed, active minutes, calories burned and more.

Find Your Fit

Only Fitbit gives you the freedom

Fitbit Goals

Fitness is different to everyone. One-size-fits-all does not always work for you. Fitbit have created a family of products that work seamlessly with one another, and can satisfy your budget, your favourite apps and goals.

Find Your Fit

Fitbit Products

Fitbit Watches

Fitbit Watches

The Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Charge, and Fitbit Charge HR watches track a wide range of data, from calories burned to hours slept, so you can stay informed about your body and keep up with your fitness goals. See available Fitbit Watches

Fitbit Trackers

Fitbit Trackers

Easily clip-on a Fitbit Zip or Fitbit One, or strap on a Fitbit Flex activity tracker to track your steps, distance travelled and calories burned. Automatically sync to your Fitbit account, online or via selected smartphones. See available Fitbit Trackers

Fitbit Scales

Fitbit Scales

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales track weight loss goals, body fat percentage and body mass index over time. Use graphs and charts to track your weight trends with this convenient weight management system. See available Fitbit Scales

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