In-Store Pick-Up

Claim your order FREE of delivery charges from a Harvey Norman store near you.

Have a Harvey Norman store near you? You have the option to pick up from store, free of delivery charges as part of our Click and Collect service. Select ‘Pick Up In-Store’ and choose your preferred location in the checkout when placing your order. In stock items will be ready within 4 business hours after order placement.

Some products may not be available for pick-up, in which case the option won’t be visible in the checkout. Check the individual product page to find out if the item you want to purchase can be picked up.


Have your order delivered to your home or office ANYWHERE in New Zealand.

We can deliver to your home or office anywhere within New Zealand! For in stock items, your order should arrive within 2 to 5 business days.

Shipping Address up to 100kms from store 2-3 business days
Shipping Address over 100kms from store 3-5 business days or by arrangement

Delivery Cost

Accepting and Tracking Your Order

Note: Deliveries to Chatham Islands, Stewart Island, and Great Barrier Island may attract additional fees. Contact us for more information.

Some furniture and bedding items may take up to 8-10 weeks depending on availability and manufacturing. You will be contacted within 24 hours upon receiving your order to be informed of the expected delivery dates and to schedule the best time for your items to be delivered.

Delivery Costs

We always show the delivery fee so you know your total order cost right way. With the delivery cost calculator, you will be able to compute the price of shipping before completing your order. The delivery charges will also be automatically calculated and will be included as a separate line item in the breakdown of costs.

How do we calculate your delivery charges? We take the size and weight of the items into consideration as well as the distance of the shipping address from the nearest Harvey Norman store.

We can also accommodate any special delivery instructions. Tell us about what you need exactly in the ‘notes’ section of your order or by contacting us.

Delivery also does not include installation, however, this is a service we are happy to offer. Just check out our Installation Services page for more information.

These fees are only applicable to online purchases.

The freight amount will be based on the largest item ordered.

Accepting Your Order

We want to make sure your items arrive safely in your hands for you to enjoy them. Because of this, we will not leave items in an unsecured place regardless of the circumstances and a signature will be required before the release of your item. Should the courier be unable to hand your item over to you, a business card with details for how you can pick-up or arrange re-delivery of your order. If the courier fails to deliver it 3 times, the item/s will be returned to the originating store.

Tracking your order

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email containing the shipping reference number which you can use to track and trace your order. The email will also contain an estimated date for the arrival of your order.

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