GoPro is the world’s most recognisable action camera brand.

GoPro was founded in the USA in 2002 in an attempt to create affordable camera equipment that could capture adventure–sports footage. GoPro’s first offering was a 35mm camera that was lightweight and rugged enough to be used in extreme circumstances but lacked immediacy. A shift towards the creation of digital camcorders led to enormous success and the birth of one of the most versatile cameras on the market.

GoPro cameras such as the GoPro Hero models are used by some of the biggest production companies, brands, sports stars and celebrities on the planet. By engaging with its customers and encouraging them to share their footage, GoPro has also enabled some of the most breath–taking footage on the Internet.

GoPro helps users capture their latest adventures in resolutions of up to 4K. Lightweight, robust and compatible with a range of GoPro mounts, cases and housing, GoPro Hero cameras allow users to record and share their experiences like never before.

Action Cameras

GoPro Action Cameras

A GoPro action camera can record high definition footage in almost any circumstance.

Compact, lightweight and extremely durable, GoPro cameras such as the GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4 are fitted with wide angle lenses and straightforward controls that make it easy to capture breath–taking video and stills in extreme conditions.

Designed to go wherever you go, GoPro cameras are the last word in photographic versatility.

Action Cameras

Cases & Mounts

GoPro Cases & Mounts

GoPro mounts, housing and cases make it easier to capture great footage and keep the GoPro camera protected.

Essential for action sports, GoPro mounts such as handlebar mounts, helmet mounts and chest mounts allow users to record without using their hands. GoPro extension poles help to create a wider viewing angle so more scenery, action and reaction can be captured.

GoPro housing can be used to create a waterproof seal around the camera, enabling users to take it on surfing, diving or boating trips. GoPro housing and cases also add an extra layer of protection so the camera always stays out of harm’s way.

Cases & Mounts

Cables, Chargers & Accessories

GoPro Cables, Chargers & Accessories

GoPro cables, chargers and accessories help users get more from their GoPro camera.

Re–live the experience on your television, watch footage at the scene on a detachable LCD touch screen, make sure your GoPro is always ready to go and control the settings on your camera from long range — all thanks to the range of accessories and cables available for GoPro cameras.

Designed specifically for GoPro cameras, GoPro accessories are easy–to–set–up and easy–to–use.


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