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Importance of sleep

Sleep is extremely important to our health – just as important as eating well and exercising regularly, which is why it’s vital we give our bodies the rest it deserves by selecting the perfect bed and mattress that suits our body. Health experts recommend adults typically need 7-8 hours of sleep every night, which can be hard to achieve after tossing and turning in an uncomfortable bed, and with a third of our lives spent in bed choosing the right one is crucial.

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Perfect fit at Harvey Norman

When looking for a new bed we all have different needs to suit our unique bodies and sleeping preferences. We need to consider our sleeping position, support requirements and preferred comfort. Each model of bed offers different mattress technology combinations, designed to give you the most restful and refreshing sleep possible. At Harvey Norman we offer a wide range of models, so you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for you.

Different bed brands offer unique technology combinations. Sealy has their own Sealy Posturepedic spring unit which is specially designed and tested for durability and support. Beautyrest, Sleepmaker and Incredi-bed use what is known as pocket coil technology, a spring unit traditionally designed to reduce movement across the bed surface for a more restful night’s sleep. King Koil have a unique coil technology called Reflex which is a responsive coil that responds to your unique body shape to relieve pressure.

The spring unit is the supporting component of the bed, then each model has a combination of different comfort, technology and textile layers to provide you with different sleep solutions.

(La Rochelle, Distinguish, Phoenix)

Tempur and Dunlopillo do things a little differently to other brands. Rather than a spring technology, Tempur mattresses are designed with a premium Tempur material, originally formulated by NASA. It is a temperature sensitive material that conforms to your shape, relieving pressure across your whole body and reducing the need to move around in the night for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Dunlopillo is made from a combination of layers including natural Latex and natural fibres like Tencel and cotton providing a unique, natural comforting support. Whatever your budget, there are beds to suit your sleep requirements so you can find the perfect bed solution for you. Bed pricing is determined by a combination of the components and technology used to build the bed, the comfort of the bed and the size. Whether you like a softer or firmer feeling bed there is a range of different comfort levels within each model, in the industry, these are known as ‘feels’ and range from Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, and Soft to Extra soft.

(Tempur Alpha 20cm with Ease Adjustable base, Dunlopillo Allure with Dunlopillo Biscotti Adjustable base, Conforma Classic with Enhance Adjustable base)

When selecting your bed size, you need to consider who will be using the bed. Perhaps you and your partner would like some more space to roll over in the night, consider moving into a larger bed than the size you currently have. It is useful to consider the size of the room the bed will be in. If you are buying a bed for children, consider their age, as they grow what will they need in the future to sleep comfortably? Bed sizes include Single, King Single and Double which are great options for one person and Queen, King, Super King, Californian King for two people. We also offer a range of bed bases with storage drawers built into them. These are great for houses and apartments where storage space may be limited. These are available in a range of colours so you can find one to suit your room.

Bedding innovation – Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds at Harvey Norman

A great popular innovation we offer is our range of adjustable bases, these can be purchased instead of a standard base. Adjustable bases are controlled using a remote and offer some great functions to improve your sleeping experience.

Adjustable bases are essentially a bed base that you can reposition to improve your sleep. For example, you can tilt the head of your bed up or lift your feet which may help to breathe easier while sleeping, improve snoring and support good blood flow throughout your body.

If you enjoy reading or watching TV in bed you can lift your back and head for a more comfortable relaxing position. Many models also have a ‘zero-g’ setting which is the perfect body position to relieve pressure across your whole body offering a floating sensation.

We also offer split base options, this means each side of the bed can be moved independently. For example, if you like to read in bed while your partner goes to sleep, you can lift your side of the bed while your partner’s side remains flat.

Some adjustable base options also offer great functionality like vibration functions to relax the body, underbed lighting and USB outlets. Some models also have adjustable leg heights which can be altered so the bed is the right height for you.

We also offer a range of base surrounds that fit an adjustable base and can be customised in different fabrics to suit your bedroom style.

Adjustable bases can be used in combination with most mattresses in our range. This means you can get the support and comfort that is right for you and the additional functionality of an adjustable base.

(Dunlopillo Allure with Dunlopillo Biscotti Adjustable base, Conforma Deluxe with Enhance Enliven Adjustable base, Tempur Nova with Ease Adjustable base)

Bedroom Style

Desk Fan

Have you ever seen an image of a beautiful bedroom and thought wow, I would love to have a bedroom that looks like that?! Designing a bedroom that you love will help you to enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling rested, refreshed and inspired.

Creating a bedroom you love can include selecting furniture designs like bedside tables and drawers, bed linen and room décor like lamps and wall art, that work together to achieve a cohesive overall look. Our team can help you find the right pieces to create a bedroom style you’ll love.

Harvey Norman has bedroom furniture, linen and decor to suit every style and budget.

(Milford, Kara, Venice)

The choice is yours!

Bedroom Furniture at Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman offer an unrivalled range of New Zealand made bedroom furniture that can be customised to suit your style. Customisation means you can choose from a selection of different timber stains or paint colours for your bedroom furniture. You can customise upholstered headboard designs by choosing the fabric colour, texture or pattern to suit your home.

We can also offer you one-off customised designs on selected models, altering the size of the furniture or the height of headboards to suit your room. We are very proud to work with our local manufacturers, our New Zealand made range is of superb quality, handcrafted by highly skilled craftspeople.

(Bayswater, Venice, Riverwood)

Growing bodies need the best rest

Kids Bedroom at Harvey Norman

Our little ones need more sleep than we do, and at Harvey Norman, we care about making sure they have the best bed to support their growing bodies. Getting enough sleep is crucial for kids’ physical and mental health. Creating night-time routines like a warm bath, dim lights and a bedtime story is a great way to get the kids ready for bed and help them grow up happy and healthy.

With our collection of kids’ furniture and bed linen, your child can truly show off their unique personality and create a world of wonder in their bedroom. From animal lovers to fairy princesses, we have all the essentials and everything you need to create something fun.

Our kids’ furniture can suit any bedroom while providing plenty of storage space and is an investment designed to last, so it can be with your child well into their teenage years. You can easily refresh the look of the room as your kids grow up by refreshing their bed linen designs and accessories.

(Bailey, Eden, Dixon)

At Harvey Norman we're passionate about great sleep! Our Bedding Specialists can provide you with professional advice (in store, online and over the phone) and a personalised service to meet your individual sleep needs so that you can experience the best night's sleep.

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