Buying domestic appliances these days isn’t just about choosing the most reliable or reasonably priced product. Noise (dBa levels) should also be an important consideration, not to mention aesthetic qualities as homes are now often designed to be open plan.
Having quiet appliances such as dishwashers, rangehoods, air conditioners and waste disposal units means you can run these products during the day or night without running the risk of disturbing guests or sleep.

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Dishwashers at Harvey Norman

Quiet Dishwashers

Ever since floor plans started opening up and kitchens became extensions of the living room, homeowners have been craving quieter dishwashers.
You'll be astonished at how quiet the current models are. Machines that can wash at frequencies as low as 40dBA will be barely noticeable in the background during your post-dinner chat or while you’re enjoying a movie.

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Rangehoods at Harvey Norman

Quiet Rangehoods

To achieve optimum ventilation, a strong rangehood motor is essential, but this can often result in unwanted excessive noise in the kitchen. The solution is to have an external motor rangehood which removes the fan noise from the kitchen and transfers it to outside of the home. This also allows a well-ventilated kitchen without the unpleasant noise.

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Insinkerators ovens at Harvey Norman

Quiet Waste Disposal

Garbage disposal units are kitchen appliances that are installed under the kitchen sink. Its purpose is to shred your food waste to very small pieces so that they can pass through your drainage pipes. The process of grinding up food waste can get very noisy, especially if you’re discarding chicken bones and other tough food scraps.
A high-performing garbage disposal unit focuses on making your operation as quiet as possible. It features advanced insulation, connections that reduce vibration, and a quiet collar sink baffle that keeps the noise from the sink opening to a bare minimum.

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Air Conditioners at Harvey Norman

Quiet Heat Pump/Air Conditioners

An air conditioner can provide significant comfort to your family, especially during those cold winter nights. But a noisy air conditioner can be disruptive, especially if it’s so noisy that it’s stopping you from sleeping or if you suffer constant headaches due to restless sleep.

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