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Capture life with a digital camera

Whatever you want to capture, whether your attitude towards photography is focused on collecting family memories, spectacular landscapes, artistic photos, or recording precious holiday memories with friends, we can help you find the digital camera that suits your specific photography needs. We stock an extensive range of digital cameras from the top brands, including Canon cameras, Nikon cameras, Panasonic and Sony cameras among others. Whatever your needs and budget, you can find the perfect digital camera for you at Harvey Norman NZ.

For fast, simple, yet decent quality photography, explore our collection of digital compact cameras. Compact cameras are often called point and shoot cameras due to their very simple, easy to use functionality. Despite their small size, compact digital cameras still produce quality photographs, making them the perfect travel companion or family camera.

Choose from different types of camera that offer differing technological selling points, like the DSLR camera, Mirrorless cameras, Drones and Action cameras – from all the leading brands.

DSLRs are outstanding for sports photography, Mirrorless shoot outstanding video footage and are excellent for stills photography while Drones offer you spectacular aerial footage and Sports cameras are specifically designed for all-conditions, rough and tumble outdoors adventure photography.

Read our Cameras Buyers Guide to get in-depth detailed advice that will help you choose the perfect camera for you.

If you have questions about ordering online and choosing the right camera for you, contact us online or drop into your local store for expert in-person advice.

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