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Personal Home Audio and Home Theatre – Buyers Guide

While traditional home audio options such as micro component systems, Hi Fi Systems and Mini Systems will always offer you outstanding top-shelf audio quality, it's the convenience, quality and stylishness of Soundbar Stereo Systems and Wireless Speakers that are rapdily increasing in popularity.

Sleek design and ease of use

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An unobtrusive design aesthetic and multi-room surround sound is the name of the game with our latest home entertainment audio products.

It is remarkably easy to set up high quality, unobtrusive, multi-room speaker sound systems and still have outstanding stereo sound with sleek minimalist visual design.

There are a wide range of speaker options available from all the leading audio brands such as Klipsch, Polk, Sonos, Panasonic, LG, Yamaha, Samsung, Bose and Technics with a range of design options to choose from and varying levels of high-performance sound.

Multi-room / Wifi enabled full home sound

Multi room speakers

Multi-room full home sound coverage is easily achieved by purchasing multiple wireless speakers to place in around your household and all controlled by one phone/device app.

With Bluetooth connected via your mobile, iPad, or tablet, you can choose to play the same music playlist on multiple speakers simultaneously, or choose to have specific playlists playing in different rooms, or even take some outside to sit beside your barbeque while you relax in the sun.

Many Wifi enabled home sound speakers include voice control functionality / AI virtual assistants who are able to carry out most of your commands and answer most of your most random questions. AI voice control allows you to get quick answers about all sorts of miscellaneous topics such as the weather forecast, latest global news, movie reviews and of course voice commands that enable you to adjust the volume and switch through song playlists.



Soundbars are perfect for people wanting to enhance their TV sound. They are great for sitting discreetly in front of, or underneath, your TV with a subwoofer off to one side. Soundbars provide a more minimalist vibe, excellent sound and are rapidly gaining in popularity. We have outstanding options from leading brands Klipsch, Polk, Bose, Samsung and Sonos in our soundbar speaker range.

Some high-end soundbars can also be matched with two rear speakers as well as a subwoofer, giving you a Dolby Atmos Surround immersive surround sound experience with voice assistant control.

Home theatre audio

Home Theatre

When it comes to finding the best sound quality for your TV, music and entertainment purposes, our top of the range home theatre systems will provide you outstanding audio quality from highly respected brands like Klipsch, Yamaha, Polk, Denon and more.

Our home theatre range offer exclusive cinema-like sound with inclusions like premium quality speakers, powerful subwoofers and connectivity to your amplifier. Choose the right channel for your needs from 5.1, all the way through to spine-tingling 9.1 channel home theatre systems.

Without a genuine surround sound system, you don’t get the full audio immersion experience while watching your favourite movies and TV shows. Whether it’s a thriller, action, adventure or horror film, the atmosphere and tension will be elevated with the right audio.

Crank your favourite tunes and imagine you’re at a concert as you chill on your sofa, or kick back and chill watching Netflix with immersive sound washing over you.

Freeview receivers and recorders


Freeview decoders offer the ability to record free-to-air TV for those who don’t own a Pay TV decoder but want to record TV programmes. While many modern TVs have Freeview built into them, buying an external decoder means you will often have the option of recording straight onto a terabyte hard drive offering 500 hours of recording time. Many Freeview receivers and recorders have Google Play and Chromecast capability.

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