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Harvey Norman Tech Team

Purchasing a new computer/device?

Purchasing a new computer, but not sure how to get photo’s, emails & documents transferred from one PC to another? Forget the drama of DIY, our Techteam technicians can transfer your nominated data from your old PC to your new computer.Book Now

Bought a new smartphone? Our Techteam can setup the new phone for you, including transferring Photo’s, Apps, Contacts and more from your old device. Once our Techteam have set it up, all you need to do is push the power button and you are good to go.Book Now

Bought a new Tablet, but not sure how to get it up and running? Our Techteam can setup the new tablet for you, including transferring Photo’s, Apps and more from your old device. Once our Techteam have set it up, all you need to do is push the power button and you are good to go.Book Now

Purchased a new device recently but not sure how to get the most out of it? Schedule a session with our Techteam for a crash course on sending/receiving emails, browsing the internet, using social media and more.Book Now

Ensure buying your new computer is a smooth and easy experience. The Essential Computer Setup will take the hassle out of setting up your PC, so all you need to is press the power button and you’re good to go (data transfer separate).Book Now

Upgrading from an old computer? With the Premium Computer Setup you get everything from our Essential Setup plus our Data Transfer Service and 12 month W.O.F to ensure a seamless transition.Book Now

Bring in your existing computer for servicing

Just like your car, your computer needs to be serviced. Our Techteam will extensively test your computer to ensure that your device is running optimally. We will provide a comprehensive report detailing the results as well as advice on any recommended changes.Book Now

Your computer’s operating system is constantly evolving, from adding new features to providing critical security patches. It can be hard to keep up! Not sure if you are up to date? Bring your computer in and our Techteam can install any outstanding updates.Book Now

Experiencing problems with your current PC? We can provide quotations and assessments on existing PC’s.Book Now

Is your computer struggling to keep up with the latest software & games? Let our Techteam have a look, we may be able to recommend and upgrade components in your computer to breathe new life in to your machine.Book Now

Sometimes it’s better to just start from scratch. Our Techteam can give your fresh start with a reset – perfect for removing all programs and data if you want to give it a good clean or handing the computer on to someone else.Book Now

We are storing more and more personal data on our devices. Don’t have a backup? Come in store and see our Techteam to get started. We’ll back up your user profile and chosen files on to a supplied hard drive and schedule a regular backup.Book Now

In the past viruses and malware was all about slowing down, disrupting or disabling your computer. In today’s age it is now all about monitoring, harvesting or holding to ransom your personal data. Not sure if you are protected while on the internet? Bring your computer in to our Techteam to run a comprehensive malware removal scan. We can will also recommend Internet Security Solution.Book Now

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