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Gaming Laptops, PCs & Peripherals – Buyers Guide

When it comes to assembling a high performing and affordable ‘gaming rig’ you’ll be either looking to get started with your first genuine Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC, or to update your existing hardware to something more exciting.

If you’re already sorted with up-to-date hardware, then it’s time to look at our market leading range of peripherals and make sure you have a high performance gaming mouse, gaming specific keyboard, headset with outstanding audio quality (and microphone), and a gaming monitor that gives you an excellent refresh rate.

Buying a Gaming Laptop

Buying a Gaming Laptop

When it comes to buying a high performing gaming laptop you need to find something that has a powerful processor, fast SSD with plenty of storage, and a decent sized screen with a high-quality graphics card.

The same applies when choosing a gaming PC to suit your needs but with the added necessity of selecting a Full HD gaming monitor with a high refresh rate.

Our gaming computer customers frequently fall into two categories:

  • The passionate gamer who enjoys owning a fully kitted out gaming laptop which will very likely have a powerful processor, LED lights, RGB keyboard and looks like it’s ready to take on the gaming world.
  • Someone that will be only using a laptop for gaming on an infrequent basis. It performs as a gaming machine with a good processor and graphics card. With a lower profile look, you don’t stand out in the boardroom or the lecture hall.



When it comes to monitors, there are a range of sizes to choose from with Full HD up to 2K available and the option of choosing curved or flat. Curved for gaming will give you a more immersive experience. Going extra wide means your peripheral vision is occupied more entirely by what is on the screen in front of you and your peripheral vision is less vulnerable to distractions.

It is highly recommended to choose a gaming monitor over a FHD TV screen as a gaming monitor will provide you a much higher refresh rate and significantly reduce the potential for image tearing and lag.

Our gaming computer monitors can accommodate Ray Tracing which enables a new level of gaming graphics sophistication. Ray Tracing technology is creating a new frontier of graphics complexity and breath taking in-game visual effects.

RGB Lighting

RGB Lighting

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting is hugely popular with hardcore gaming enthusiasts who often choose to play in dimly lit rooms to create a more atmospheric vibe in their home gaming environment. Many gaming products are equipped with RGB lighting including monitors, mice, monitor stands, headsets and keyboards.

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming Keyboards

RGB keyboards feature backlit keys that can change colour in various patterns casting a soft ambient light in line with the rest of the lighting in your gaming area. We have a comprehensive range of mechanical gaming keyboards from leading brands like Logitech, Razer and Corsair.

Mechanical keyboards are designed with a switch located under each key which provide a more firm, tactile, feel. This means that they are more durable, accurate, and responsive. Normal keyboards by comparison, use a rubber dome and membrane and provide a more ‘mushy feel’ under your fingers.

Other features to look for include having a built-in ergonomic wrist rest, aluminium construction to increase durability, customisable key lighting and spill resistant design. On top of this we offer wireless keyboards that incorporate the latest wireless technology allowing for response times of 5ms or less, meaning they are just as fast as wired keyboards, if not faster.

Gaming Mice

Gaming Mice

When it comes to those equipment point-of-difference choices that can really boost your gaming success, owning the right gaming mouse can make a big difference to your gameplay and ability to win. For top of the range performance, invest in something that has minimal click latency, has programmable buttons, a smart sensor to ensure high IPS tracking speed across the 200 – 16,000 DPI range, it needs to be light, durable and most importantly, ergonomic.

Gaming Headsets & Loot

Gaming Headsets & Loot

Regardless of which device you game on, owning a high-quality gaming headset is crucial to maximising your gaming experience. High quality audio is a crucial element in competitive gaming and choosing the right gaming headset will significantly increase your win-rate.

There are a wide range of gaming headsets available with excellent noise cancellation, noise isolation and acoustics. Choose between wireless and wired, fixed or detachable microphones, noise cancelling microphones, on-ear controls and Virtual 3D Surround Sound.

Using a microphone to co-ordinate and banter with your teammates and adversaries alike is a crucial aspect of gaming enjoyment. Owning high quality gaming headphones also enables you to notice audio details in gameplay action that will improve your response time and decision making.

Loot is a growing product area and we stock gaming loot collectables such as phone holder figurines styled to resemble your favourite movie or computer gaming characters.

WiFi Routers & Mesh Networking

WiFi Routers and Mesh Networking

Setting up the best possible WiFi network to maximise your gaming experience makes a huge difference to your enjoyment. Speed and signal strength is the name of the game to make sure you’re enjoying the most responsive, fast paced, real time gaming experience without any of those dreaded, soul destroying, lag moments.

To achieve this, combined with a high-speed internet access, you’ll be best served by investing in an AX WiFi 6 Router which enables you to tap into the latest generation of WiFi technology or an AX Mesh Wifi Router.

An AX WiFi 6 Router enables you to operate with ultra-high speed WiFi to multiple devices in your household. You can have multiple people and multiple devices, streaming, gaming, browsing and shopping simultaneously on one single network – with lightning fast responsiveness.

To really take your gaming and highspeed internet usage to the next level, buy an AX Mesh Router which will enable you to set up a Mesh network in your home or home office.

A Mesh network distributes WiFi signal evenly and consistently around your residence. Alternatively, Mesh technology also allows you to adjust bandwidth to be scalable and customisable, meaning that you can adjust bandwidth availability in different areas of your household and also customise bandwidth usage on a per-device basis. Mesh Networking provides you unparalleled coverage, speed, control and flexibility of usage.

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