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Smart Home – Buyers Guide

Buying Smart Home products means doing exactly what the name suggests, improving your lifestyle by using clever digital tech to make your homelife easier, smarter, more fun and secure.

Smart Screens, Amazon Alexa & Google Nest

Smart Screens, Amazon Alexa & Google Nest

Every Smart Home needs a type of Smart Hub or Smart Assistant device that acts as your virtual assistant and there are plenty of devices that can help with that. Devices such as a Google Nest or a Lenovo Smart Clock or an Amazon Echo Show (5 or 8 or Dot).

These Smart Home ‘Hub’ devices can do a number of things; use them to stream your favourite tunes with premium sound quality, ask Alexa questions, check the news headlines, get weather updates, set alarms and be the central control point for other compatible smart devices.

This will enable you to turn on and off other devices around your house: lights, security cameras, the slow cooker in your kitchen, smart speakers, the tv in your room and talk to Alexa all while lying on your bed or sitting on your sofa.

Many of these functions can all be achieved by voice command or by finger touch in your phone app. You will be able to operate your home audio, your smart lights, your smart cameras, smart tv and other devices from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs

As we all become increasingly interested in living more sustainable lifestyles, energy conservation at home is becoming more of a focus for many households. This is where Smart Plugs can make a real difference to your energy consumption.

Many Smart Plugs have an energy monitoring function which gives you energy usage info via phone app. Smart Plugs allow you to turn household appliances and lights on and off instantly, where-ever you are, in your home city, in your home country, even overseas.

You can also pair your Smart Plugs with Google Assistant or Alexa to use voice command to switch appliances and lights on and off with minimal effort. For e.g. you might have a slow cooker that you want to turn on five hours before you return home from work – a smart plug will allow you to do that from your work desk.

Smart Cameras


Owning smart security cameras means that you have the ability to tune-in to view your security footage in real-time any time of the day or night.

With some smart security cameras you can command the camera to tilt and pan, you can ‘roof mount’ them and set them to different modes: patrol, movement and sound detection modes.

These cameras can be extremely useful not just for home security but also for peace of mind situations e.g. if you have a habit of leaving the garage door open or if you like to monitor your pet during the day when you can’t be home.

You can also set rules for some smart cameras. An example being that if you have a camera installed outside your garage, the rule may dictate that after 6pm at night your camera will turn on your front entrance light when your camera detects motion (your car coming home or people approaching).

Smart Speakers

Get full home audio coverage using multi-room smart speakers from leading brands like Sonos, Amazon, Yamaha, Bose and Philips. You’ll have access to Alexa, Google Assistant and streaming services allowing you to have easily set-up multi room speaker audio via your WiFi network, including home theatre.

Smart Lighting


Invest in a Hue Bridge lighting control hub and gain the ability to talk to your bulbs via voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, verbally turn them on and off, adjust the brightness and what colours you want them to be. There are numerous smart bulbs to choose from household name brands like Philips, TP-Link Kasa, Cygnett, Lenovo and Lifix.

Create a whole new ambience in your home, match mood lighting with your gaming RGB or dim the lights to relax the vibe – all by just moving your finger.

Smart Pet

Smart Pet

Our range of Smart Pet products enables you to provide that tender loving care factor for your pets, no matter how far away you may be.

Use a smart pet feeder to keep them fed, a smart pet water fountain to keep them hydrated, or the smart pet camera which allows you to view your pet anytime, whether day or night. You can zoom in and interact with your pets via speaker to keep them entertained.

Make exercising your cat or dog easier using a Cheerble Wickard Ball Robotic Pet. Set them 10 mins of play and 30 mins of rest then repeat, make your life easier - let a robotic ball do the legwork for you.

Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors

A digital baby monitor offers you the peace of mind that’ll help you to sleep soundly knowing that your baby is sleeping well and safely too.

A wireless baby video monitor provides two-way communication, allowing communication between you and your infant. It allows for lullabies to be selected and played, room thermometer and colour LCD screen with night vision and zoom function. Selected models allow for you to view your baby remotely via app on your phone.

It's becoming increasingly common for wireless baby monitors to be digitally encrypted to protect against the threat of hacking and some models allow you to ‘dress up’ your camera to resemble cute characters.

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