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Decide on the perfect TV for you and your family based on finding the perfect combination of size, picture resolution, smart TV features, styling and display options.

Size-wise TVs just keep getting bigger and bigger. Choose from 32” all the way up to 88” and larger. You can easily cover an entire entertainment room wall and wow your guests with programming and movies on a spectacular scale.

If an 88” TV screen isn’t big enough for you, digital projectors can take your image size up another level or two. Invest in a digital laser projector to create that larger than life ‘at the cinema’ experience in your lounge or entertainment room.

TV tech

TV tech

When you access the latest in cutting edge TV tech, you’ll enjoy vibrant colours that really pop-out and image quality that is crystal clear. There are a range of sophisticated image technology features that you can choose from, including 8K, 4K, QLED, OLED and NanoCell. These are designed to bring you the kind of spectacular picture quality that elevates your viewing experience to another level.

  • 8K Resolution: sets the new benchmark in high quality image with four times more pixels than 4K. 8K Ultra HD resolution is defined by a width of 7,680 horizontal and 4,320 vertical pixels for a total of 33 million pixels. 8K delivers unparalleled detail even on those extremely large screen sizes.
  • QLED: Quantam-Dot Light Emitting Diode provides more heavily saturated and precisely defined primary colours from blue LEDs than you can get from white LEDs. These TVs use a quantam dot colour filter in front of the LCD backlight, which improves contrast and colour vibrance. For brighter living spaces, enjoy brighter scenes with a QLED TV.
  • OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode technology uses a carbon-based film between two conductors that produces light when an electric current is passed through. This means each individual pixel in an OLED TV is able to produce any colour throughout the spectrum, including brilliant whites and true black. OLED screens have brighter colours, higher contrast, intense black and faster refresh rates. This also means that OLED TVs don’t need a backlight, so they can be even slimmer than LED TVs.
  • NanoCell: is an LCD technology developed by LG which enhances the purity of the red and green colours in addition to providing subtler, more accurate colours that don’t fade over time. It gives your picture more colour depth.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Smart TV functionality means WiFi connectivity which allows for numerous streaming apps like Netflix, Disney + and Neon as well as features like voice control and playing music.

For the ultimate smart experience, hardwire your TV via the Ethernet Port located on the back of the TV. Ethernet connection will provide the fastest and most stable speeds for streaming. You can also connect wirelessly but it's possible that your signal will be less reliable.

Outdoor TVs


What could compliment your outdoor furniture and barbeque better than a weather-proof outdoor TV? The Samsung Terrace outdoor TV has an IP55 weather resistant rating and will deliver full performance and protection from outdoor elements including humidity, dust and heat.

Lifestyle TVs

Lifestyle TVs

Sometimes a TV needs to really blend in with your living environment and be a design piece as well as entertainment. That’s where a lifestyle TV, designed with a frame that looks elegant and discreet, will blend stylishly with the rest of your living environment.

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, lifestyle TVs are perfect for playing your favourite shows with high definition and displaying your favourite photo galleries in their full artistic splendour. To see a lifestyle TV that is really expanding the boundaries of TV design and style, check out The ‘Serif’ TV from Samsung developed by highly regarded French furniture designers the Bouroullecs.

Digital projectors


If having a 130” 4K screen to marvel at excites you, then a digital projector is the way to go. A smart projector uses laser technology to give you precise colour accuracy and outstanding contrast for truly vibrant image quality, on a grand scale.

Wall mounted

Lifestyle TVs

Most TVs are designed to be wall mounted which is increasingly the option that many people prefer instead of a stand. Not only does wall mounting your TV enable you to save space, it is also safer. There is less risk of little hands accidentally toppling over the TV, there's no need for a TV cabinet and you can have a more aesthetically pleasing, minimalist, vibe with your TV elevated on a wall mount.

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