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With a large majority of the latest content online, you can simply view your favourite content with a click of a button. Netflix, YouTube, TVNZ On Demand and more, it’s all there! Now you can stream live sports matches online too and all you'll need is an internet connection and a Smart TV capable of streaming your favourite content. Visit your local Harvey Norman Store today and see the latest OLED, QLED, Ultra High Definition and High Definition smart televisions in action from the leading brands.

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Connect to the Internet

It’s Time to Get Connected to the Internet

Ideally you would have a fibre connection but an ADSL connection will be sufficient. Next is your modem or router, which is the device that feeds the internet source throughout your home. When you sign up with an internet service provider, they normally supply you a with a basic router which is ok for day to day use, but multiple devices and streaming can drastically slow your speeds down. If you're unsure whether your router is suitable, head into your local Harvey Norman and our in store experts will be able to figure out the best router to suit your needs.

Connecting your TV to the Internet

Connecting Your TV to the Internet

It’s important to check what connection you have your TV connected to. Most new TVs have a hardwire port for an Ethernet cable to connect directly from the router which provides the fastest and most stable speeds for streaming. You can also connect your TV through wireless, but it’s not as stable and you don’t want it cutting out at the end of a gripping movie or sports match!

Streaming Devices at Harvey Norman

Streaming Devices

If your TV isn’t capable of connecting to the internet through Ethernet or wireless, you can still stream and watch your favourite content as long as your TV has an HDMI port. Devices like Apple TV or Google Chrome Cast give you the ability to stream the content you enjoy. Apple TV has an Ethernet port to give you the most reliable connection, whereas Google Chrome Cast is wireless only. Both of these are available at Harvey Norman and our in store experts will be able to help you decide which device is best suitable for your needs.

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