Sleep Number®

Sleep Number® is a leading bedding brand that is best known for its adjustable air supported sleep systems.

Founded in the USA in 1987, Sleep Number® has grown to become one of the most recognisable names in the industry. The company’s success is due in no small part to the development of unique air-chamber technology within the mattress that allows users to control the exact amount of cushioning they experience. This level of personalisation is not only unlike almost every other product on the market, it is also incredibly effective at helping users stay in the deepest stages of sleep for longer.

Sleep Number® beds and mattresses continue to adopt the latest technologies to ensure users can optimise their rest. These include functions like SleepIQ, which allows users to track the duration and quality of their sleep on an app, and even a built-in monster detector that allows scared kids to check under their beds for any nasties using their smartphone or tablet.

Sleep Number® continues to provide New Zealanders with bedding solutions that are tailored to their every need. Advanced technologies and durable materials combine to create long-lasting sleep systems that help users wake up feeling refreshed.


Sleep Number® Ensembles

Sleep Number® ensembles take the comfort and technology of a Sleep Number® mattress and combine it with a sturdy bed base.

Sleep Number® ensembles deliver all the support you would expect from a Sleep Number® product and save you the hassle of shopping for a separate bed and mattress. All Sleep Number® bed bases feature sophisticated designs and high-quality materials for comfort and longevity.

Sleep Number ensembles are available in sizes from single to king to suit the rooms in your home.


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