Coffee Machines Buyers Guide

Coffee Machines, Coffee Capsules and Accessories - Buyers Guide

Automation is the buzzword for so many technological advancements these days and coffee machines are no different.

With exclusive offerings from premium coffee brands like Breville and Delonghi and complemented by the hugely popular Nespresso range, Harvey Norman is your home of coffee.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Automatic Coffee Machines

Fully Automatic coffee machines are perfect for those who expect consistent barista quality coffee with fresh beans at the touch of a button.

What does fully automated mean when it comes to coffee? It means that all you really have to do is load beans and full the milk jug. A fully automated coffee machine will grind the beans for you, tamp it for you, pour the coffee and then automatically stop when your desired coffee is perfectly brewed. You can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature to be specific to your taste.

Many automated coffee machines have a built-in intuitive displays, with a pre-programmed café drinks menu. Giving you the perfect result for your favourite café experience at home every time.

Fully automatic machines are often operated via Bluetooth and connected app on your phone. You can actually change everything from the grind amount, style of coffee – e.g. expresso, macchiato, latte etc – and temperature of the water. These machines also remind you when the machine needs to be maintained and will send you alerts as to what needs to be cleaned and even walk you through the process.

Manual Coffee Machines

Manual Coffee Machines

A manual coffee machine is for those who prefer a more traditional coffee machine and enjoy the skill-factor of getting hands-on to create the perfect cup yourself. It may take practice to perfect, but the attraction of manual machines is that the operator has more scope to adjust all aspects of the coffee making process to become an in-home barista.

From the grind to the dose, to applying the right pressure and pulling the perfect shot, most baristas will agree once you’ve mastered your recipe, they make the perfect coffee.

Nespresso Coffee Machines

Nespresso Coffee machines

The perfect combination of a fully automatic and manual coffee machine - convenience is the name of the game when it comes to Nespresso coffee machines. They’re compact, quick, easy to use with none of the mess.

With the ability to easily switch between blends, a Nespresso machine still gives you the ability to indulge in all of your favourite recipes with tailored settings allowing you to adjust the extraction time, create perfectly frothed milk, and serve your coffee at the perfect temperature.

Nespresso recyclable aluminium capsules preserve the ethically sourced coffee and encapsulate the delicious flavour until you’re ready to extract it.

These Nespresso machines may look simple but the sophisticated technology means you will get consistent quality coffee every time.

Coffee Beans and Coffee Machine Accessories

Coffee Machine Accessories

Harvey Norman also stock a variety of coffee machine accessory products like the DeLonghi and Breville range of cleaners and descalers, clean bean cleaning system, Breville Espresso Machine water filters, temperature control milk jug and a huge range of other associated products.

Your coffee beans needs are also covered by the delicious Inca range.

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