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Designing your perfect Home Office - Buyers Guide

Working from home hours are on the increase worldwide with the Covid pandemic forcing most employers to embrace working from home. With so many more people working from home on a regular basis, many professional workers are now having to take their home office environment much more seriously.

Going Wireless

Computer Accessories

This means that designing the most comfortable, sensible and efficient home office workspace is more important than ever before.

Wireless home office options are a great way to go – they provide you a far less cluttered workspace and they’re a great excuse to upgrade your tech. After-all, no-one likes having a tangle of wires to manage and protect from the kids or pets.

We recommend investing in a wireless printer, scanner, a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and we advise buying a two-in-one laptop. A two-in-one is basically a Personal Computer that has the features of both a laptop and a tablet. Two-in-ones often have a 360-degree hinge meaning they can be flipped back upon themselves so that they essentially become a tablet. Some two-in-ones incorporate a touch screen with a stylus which provides you a very nimble and easy way to take notes.

The quasi-tablet flexibility makes it easier for you to work where-ever you need: in a café, on your outdoors deck, or leaning on a counter or bench while you wait for a meeting.

Choosing the right screen

Computer Monitors

When you are at home in your home office you’ll need an ergonomic monitor stand and while you’re at it why not get one that includes a wireless charging pad and hub, easy charging of devices while you work, and of course a decent sized monitor that suits the nature of your work. For most people a standard 24 - 32 inches screen is perfectly adequate for internet browsing, tapping away in Microsoft Office and sending emails. For those in professions where they need to consume a lot of detail on their screens such as financial services, developers and graphic designers, a 43 to 49 inch screen is going to be healthier.

A high screen resolution is recommended for a larger size monitor – we often recommend a dual screen set-up for maximum productivity, there are many different options and it is best to speak to a salesperson at your nearest Harvey Norman store to get the right advice.

Ergonomic chairs

Office Chairs

It’s easy to overlook the importance of having an ergonomic home office computer chair. It is crucial to get something that is comfortable and forces you to maintain healthy posture while you work.

Lastly, and on a non-tech note – adopt a minimalist approach to your workspace. The less clutter the better, the less decorations the better. It’s ok to have some, a photo from a very enjoyable vacation for e.g. can help keep you efficient, but generally the less distractions the better. Stick to having only what you really need and do whatever you can to ensure that your room is quiet and has plentiful natural light.

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