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You can never have enough electronics in the home or office. That’s why ensuring you’ve got surge protectors is an essential part of keeping your devices safe and secure. Whether it’s a smartphone charger, laptop cable or several plugs from your entertainment unit, we’ve got a wide-range of options available for you. With surges suitable for either the office or home, you’ll have the right equipment to meet all your electronic needs.

We offer surge protectors from some of the best manufacturers including Belkin and Powerguard. Belkin chargers are rigorously engineered to protect your device while it’s charging, by automatically adjusting power output and surge protection. We also offer surges that are combined with a USB hub allowing for them to be used for multiple purposes. You can charge your phone while also charging your tablet from the same port.

Choose from one, two or multiple surge ports in a variety of sizes and models. If you’re looking to connect the electronic office products you’re better off going with a large surge protector, some going to up to six plug ports. For electronics that require greater voltage use, we offer equipment specifically designed to protect sensitive equipment from potentially damaging and dangerous high voltage spikes. This could include large sound systems, amplifiers and televisions and more. Shop online today and discover our collection of surge protectors to get your electronics up and running. 

Shop online today and get selected items home-delivered in just a few easy clicks or visit your nearest store for in-person advice. 

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