Cordless Phones

Be free with a cordless phone

Don’t be tied to your phone handset anymore—a cordless phone lets you take your phone around the house with you while you talk, making it great for those who like to multitask while they’re on the phone. Make sure that you check the range of the handset as well as the battery life to make sure it suits your needs. Browse the top phone brands we have on offer online, including Uniden and Panasonic.

We also have different handset options from the single handset, which is perfect for small homes, twin handset phones, triple handset, and even quad handsets—perfect for those with homes with multiple levels who don't want to have to run up or down stairs to get to the phone when it rings. The cordless phones are rechargeable but if you're finding your batteries are starting to stop recharging properly make sure to check out our accessories section for replacement batteries.

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