Electric Toothbrushes & Water Flossers

An electric toothbrush or water flosser will improve your oral hygiene

Capable of a huge number of oscillations per minute an electric toothbrush delivers a more thorough clean than a standard toothbrush, giving you that professional clean that feels like you've gone to the dentist. With an electric toothbrush you can concentrate on each tooth individually, getting rid of the plaque that has built up and ensuring you take care of your teeth as best as possible. We have an extensive collection of electric toothbrushes to choose, including some of the best brands in the business like Oral B and Philips Sonicare models, so make sure to have a thorough browse of our range online to find one to suit your brushing needs.

A water flosser will be able to get into those tough to reach places without having to use a string, making it perfect for those who might not be fans of flossing, and would rather the water alternative that can get right into the places and clear out that old food. Check out our Waterpik Water Flossers to see what they can offer you and your dental hygiene today.

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