Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning - Buyers Guide

Whether the weather is keeping you indoors with the windows shut, or it’s bright and sunny and you’re praying for a breeze, there are many heat pump and air conditioning solutions to suit your needs.

When narrowing down your options, your options are easily split into three categories: Highwall systems, Floor console systems and Multi-split systems. Learn more below and make your choice based on a combination of practical needs and personal preferences.

Brand specific technology

Brand specific technology

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps offer their unique HyperCore technology that enables them to operate with outside temperatures as low as -15 degrees celsius.

This means the HyperCore equipped heat pumps will maintain a full range of heating, from low to above 30 degrees, despite the outside air temperature being well below zero. Many heat pumps without the HyperCore technology are unable to provide their usual ‘top end’ heating capability at below zero degrees.

Panasonic heat pumps offer nanoe X air purification technology which is excellent for removing allergens and bacteria from the air - reducing the risk of asthma and hay fever and eliminating odours. The nanoe X technology is approved by Sensitive Choice New Zealand.

Highwall systems

Highwall systems
  • Saves you floor space
  • Plenty of different pricing options
  • Provides both heat pump and air-conditioning capability
  • Energy efficient power usage
  • Variety of colours to suit your lifestyle (brand specific)

Highwall Heat Pump systems are the most popular option on the market due to their convenient, unobtrusive design, easy ‘point and shoot’ control and efficient energy consumption. By mounting your heat pump high on the wall of your room, it takes up minimal space, reduces clutter and is a discreet object in the living space.

Installation is quick and easy for trained technicians.

Floor console

Floor console
  • Designed to be slimline
  • Provides both heat pump and air-conditioning capability
  • Powerful fan motor and quieter than a highwall system
  • Recess design capability – easily fitted into wall spaces as a fireplace replacement
  • Energy efficient power usage

Designed to be slimline, floor consoles are a great design for renovations. They fit easily into a recessed wall space like a fireplace cavity. Floor console heat pumps generate heat flow from the floor upwards, which is the natural way for heat to be spread around a room. This is an advantage over Highwall systems which require heat to be blown downwards.

Floor consoles have a powerful fan motor which usually makes them quieter than a highwall system and are very efficient with regards to power consumption. Installation is quick and easy for trained technicians.


Multi-room Heatpumps
  • Split systems allow for specific heating and cooling of individual rooms and continual adjustment with auto-heat and cool control
  • Some multi-split heat pumps operate with a 3D sensor and work in tandem with Dual Split Vanes to detect which areas of the house need heating or cooling. They adjust air flow accordingly

Multi-split systems are ideal for those who want to provide Heat Pump coverage in multiple rooms around a house. They provide heating and cooling of individual rooms and allow for control of specific heat pumps in specific rooms, independent of other units. You can have up to five heat pumps operating off one outdoor unit.

For more information about Multi-split heat pumps, get in touch with one of our consultants using our online form.

Common features

Common Heatpump features
  • Intuitive AI voice control / smart hub device compatibility
  • Heating and cooling capability
  • Timer modes
  • WiFi operation
  • Remote control operation
  • Air swing cooling / heating distribution

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