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In-car tech – Buyers Guide

We can all use a bit of help when it comes to protecting ourselves from driving related mishaps.
Our range of in-car tech will help you identify how your vehicle has been damaged, help guide you to your destination with complete reliability and help you perform useful tasks handsfree.

Dash cam

Dash cam

Dashboard and rear windscreen cameras provide you the peace of mind you need, in order to know that, should your car be involved in an accident you will have HD video evidence of what happened and who was involved.

You can choose from a forward-facing camera, rear facing camera, or a bundle which provides you both. They are sold with a suction mount that allows you to tightly secure your camera without risk of it falling and breaking.

The higher spec options available will include extremely useful bonus features like headlight alerts, Alexa voice control to take / make calls and send messages, safety camera alerts and driver fatigue alerts.

In addition to this, some models include motion and shock detection technology meaning that your cameras will activate when prompted by impact vibrations - regardless of whether you are driving or parked in the mall carpark. Nightvision is also extremely important along with Super Slow-Motion functionality.

Front and rear dash cams need a wide arc of vision to capture peripheral movement. The field of vision typically ranges from 140-180 degrees in an arc in front of and/or behind your vehicle.

Another innovation is emergency SOS functionality that sends emergency alerts to emergency response services providing your exact GPS location as well as some incident details.

Car charging accessories

Car charger

Commuting is a great time to fast-charge your device using one of our range of fast-charging devices. Using suction cup mounts, you can easily access your device one handed.

You can mount on your dash or on your air vent. Qi car fast-chargers have built-in arms that lock your phone into place securely and prevent it from being jarred loose by any quick manoeuvres or harsh vibrations.

Bluetooth handsfree

Bluetooth handsfree

A handsfree Bluetooth speaker phone allows you to pair multiple devices wirelessly and receive calls with very clear audio quality while driving.

You can enjoy hassle free driving, perfect for busy people who spend a lot of time commuting in traffic or driving long distances.

You can operate your in-car speaker phone using dedicated controls, attached to your steering wheel. Most in-car Bluetooth headsets have noise cancellation built-in and batteries that last up to six hours, depending on model.



Unlike cellular network signals, which have varying strength, a dashboard GPS offers you the reliability of satellite coverage and unbreakable signal wherever you are.

They are also seriously smart pieces of technology these days. In addition to their maps and navigation, it’s increasingly standard for a modern GPS to have valuable safety features such as parking assist, roadside assist, speed and driver fatigue alerts.

You can also monitor traffic conditions and use the companion app to check where you have parked your car for those awkward moments when you have no idea where you left it.

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