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When it’s a vintage kiwi summer and the sun’s out, it’s time to relax outdoors with adequate shade, outstanding furniture and the best possible barbeque. We have what you need to make sure your outdoor entertainment space is perfect for your hosting and relaxation requirements.

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Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

It’s summer and you’re looking to assemble, update, or replace your perfect outdoor entertainment area. Let us help you with some ideas.

We have a range of 3-9 piece outdoor lounge settings with a huge variety of brands such as Suva, Pagani, Norfolk, Milwaukee, Mercedes, Oceania amongst others providing you with a feast of style options.

You’re also going to need some shade to protect your family from the harsh NZ sun, items like our Breeze 3m Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella and Jupiter Round 3.3 Cantilever Umbrella by Peros will keep your outdoor table well shaded while you eat. It will also cast a big enough shadow to easily cover you while you flip sausages on our extensive range of barbeques.

Another, even more stylish, option that will provide significant shade is the Californian 3x3m Gazebo by Peros. With its four fold-down/up polyester walls and pulley system it is the perfect option for outdoors entertainment that provides protection against wind or sudden showers.

When it comes to dinner, there are plenty of eye-catching options as well. The Suva 6 Piece Outdoor Dining Setting is one of a number of sets that will ensure that you’re always seated in comfort and style. It is particularly eye catching thanks to its industrial finish cement table-top with built-in steel frame cement top trestle bench.

On a more modest scale, we have a range of practical, fun and useful outdoor décor options that you can choose from. These include the giant Studio Jumbo Bean Bags by Dunlop living, Studio Premium Canvas Bean Bags by Dunlop, Florida Outdoor Umbrellas and Maui Rope Hanging Egg Chair.

The Maui Hanging Egg Chair is a seriously comfortable, relaxing and stylish piece of outdoor furniture.



Nothing compliments your outdoor furniture and is more crucial than a high quality barbeque. Barbeques have come a long way since the days of standing around a big round charcoal burner and we have a very wide variety of barbequing options for you to choose from.

  • Outdoors Kitchen – why not seriously beef up your barbequing firepower to the max with a Kitchen Barbeque set. Buying an Outdoors Kitchen is a statement of intent – that you take your outdoor cooking, hosting and entertaining very seriously and that you plan to be the kind of host that feeds a crowd generously. It’s the ultimate in outdoors foodie hosting and we have two of the most popular Outdoor Kitchen models on the market in the Gasmate Premium Outdoor Black BBQ (Exclusive to Harvey Norman NZ) and also the Masport Ambassador Kitchen. These both utilise a modular approach that can ensure that you enjoy an all-year-round cooking experience, with a fridge and heaps of secure storage space that provide a working kitchen environment.
  • Portable barbeques – it’s as kiwi as pavlova, rugby and gumboots. We love our portable barbeques; you can pick them up easily, chuck them in your boot, or easily take them on a boat. Portable barbeques have evolved significantly over the years and now feature aspects that would typically only be found in standard-sized barbeques like side shelves and lids. Some of our most popular portable barbeques include the Everdure Force 2 and 3 Burner Gas Barbeque range by Heston Blumenthal and the Buggs Barbeque Beefeater range.
  • Built-in barbeques – catalogues found instore – a built-in barbeque replicates a similar free standing barbeque where the top components are very similar with 6-8 burners, stainless steel finish, enamel coated cast iron plate and angled self-draining grill system, a rear ceramic infrared burner for healthy rotisserie cooking, electronic ignition for easy lighting and flame tamers for controlled heat distribution.
  • Gas barbeques – quick and easy, gas barbeques are efficient and easy to use. The trusty old gas barbeque will come to the rescue when you need to feed the family and friends quickly. Most of these barbeques feature a combination of grills and hot plates but can have outside the norm elements such as rotisseries, or woks added.
  • Charcoal barbeques - with Covid-19 seeing more people working from home and having more quality time in the domestic sphere, charcoal barbeques are coming back into fashion. Charcoal barbeques appeal to the purists - those who are happy and able to devote more time to their barbequing. With the longer cooking time, food can be cooked at lower temperatures at a very steady heat without more fuel being added. The other major attraction with charcoal is smoke - gas flames don’t generate smoke, charcoal mixed with woodchips provides that traditional delicious smokey barbeque flavour. The Gas2Coal 3 Burner Barbeque by CharBroil is the perfect option for those who want to have the best of both worlds. You can opt to be quick and efficient by using the gas option or use it as a charcoal barbeque – you’ve got both bases covered in one convenient machine.

Barbeque Accessories

Barbeque Accessories

Once upon a time, not long ago, kiwis used to man their barbeques armed only with a pair of tongs and a spatula. Now there are all kinds of useful and diverse barbeque accessories available, designed to maximise your cooking repertoire.

Why not try out an Everdure Furnace Teppanyaki Plate by Heston Blumenthal. It’s extremely easy to use, you remove the middle grill from your Furnace Barbeque and slide in the Teppanyaki plate to create mouth watering masterpieces.

Another interesting ‘change up’ option for your barbequing activities is the Everdure Rotisserie Tumbler which allows you to slow cook a leg of lamb perfectly evenly with a minimum of difficulty.

For those who are yearning for some outdoor storage perfect for making a food mess, cleaning up the mess, and then storing the implements, check out the Galaxy Black Sink, Bin & Storage Module by Gasmate.

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