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Mobile Accessories - Buyers Guide

We have the latest in mobile accessories to help you get the most time efficient, stylish, and safe, usage out of your mobile devices.

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Wireless charging (Qi)

Wireless charging (Qi)

Qi charging (pronounced “chee”) is setting the new benchmark for fast charging technology.

It is a wireless power transfer technology which uses inductive charging to power wireless devices. All our Qi chargers operate with the device placed directly on the charging device. While the tech is complicated, using it is definitely not. The user simply uses a charging pad and a compatible device, placed on top of the pad – the charging occurs via a process known as resonant inductive coupling.

Qi charging is the new standard across all the major brands. Some very popular Qi charging products include wireless charging stands, some of which have speakers built in, wireless charging powerbanks, and Apple have released a wireless charging stand that can simultaneously charge your Apple watch and AirPods at the same time.

You can also wirelessly charge in your car, without the nuisance and safety concerns of having a charger cord to deal with while you drive.

For many people, using this technology enables them to avoid charging their phone overnight, simply by always having their device wirelessly charging. Either while driving in their car, or while sitting on their work desk, or on the kitchen bench. With the combination of 2-3 Qi chargers, you can easily ensure your phone is never without battery life.

Here’s a list of some of Harvey Norman’s extremely useful wireless charging options:

Hot tip: With the combination of 2-3 wireless chargers – at home, in the car, at the office – you can ensure your mobile device never runs out of battery.

Fast charging

Fast charging chargers

Charging your phone has always been a necessary nuisance, with varying degrees of nuisance factor.

That’s why many of the biggest consumer electronics companies are now implementing next generation tech advances that allow you to fast-charge your devices far quicker than what you are used to – perfect for life on the run.

American manufacturer Belkin uses GAN tech which enables its chargers to be smaller, more efficient, cooler (temperature) and seriously fast-charging with a reported 0-50% phone charge in just 30 minutes (iPhone 8 or later).

Similarly Samsung and Moyork have their own ranges of fast chargers, some of which are also wireless.

Another recent charging tech development is the availability of USB-C charging devices which allow you to charge multiple devices, in some cases up to four simultaneously, from one charger and transferring power via a USB port on your device.

It’s safe to say that the, ‘I’ve forgotten to charge my phone, I’ve got 10 minutes before I charge out the door’ dilemma should no longer be a concern. Just make sure you’ve beefed up your charging arsenal with some of our wireless and fast-charging accessories and you’ll be powered up 24/7.
Hot tip: The latest generation of fast chargers can power your phone from 0-50% within 30 mins.

Apple MagSafe

Apple MagSafe

Magsafe is one of Apple’s newest accessory initiatives. Designed for the iPhone 12 range, it provides faster wireless charging up to 15W and is Qi charging compatible.

The name tells the story, this is all about a new ecosystem of accessories using magnets for easy and secure attachment of accessories to the phones – they literally clip firmly into place.

The strength of the magnet ensures that your phone and charger will always be aligned correctly which ensures that the charging process is always at maximum efficiency.

MagSafe is available with mounts, chargers, or wallets, and Apple are offering specialised MagSafe phone cases and leather wallets with many third-party case providers starting to adopting this tech as well.
Hot tip: MagSafe is quick, easy and making wireless charging snappy.

iPhone and Samsung phone cases

iPhone and Samsung phone cases

We also have a comprehensive range of iPhone and Samsung mobile device cases perfect for protecting your device from drops, bumps and scratches.

There are a variety of design options available that protect your device while also providing varying user experience benefits and style options.

These include silicone covers that provide a slim profile complemented by a comfortable but gritty grip thanks to the soft touch silicone. Silicone phone cases are softer to the touch than plastic cases but also have a grippy texture which makes them harder to drop. Our silicone phone cases are available for both iPhone and Android phones.

When it comes to comparing plastic versus silicone phone cases, you’ll note that silicone feels nicer to the touch and is more grippy while plastic cases are slightly thicker than silicone but are actually more shock resistant than silicone. Plastic cases also tend to wear better.

Samsung offers LED cases which offer a transparent display functionality. This enables you to still view phone status information such as the current time, incoming calls, message notifications, battery status and others without needing to open the phone directly. The flip cover also includes automatic sleep / wake functionality – preserving your phone battery life.

Glass screen protectors offer an interesting alternative to silicone, plastic and LED. High quality tempered glass is the strongest breakage-resistant screen cover option.

The iPhone Zagg InvisibleShield GlassElite VisionGuard+ has a point of difference feature called Advanced Blue Light Filtering and anti-bacterial technology, whilst still providing a sturdy shield that protects your phone from knocks, drops and scratches.

The Elite VisionGuard provides an Eyesafe layer that filters out harmful Blue Light to protect your eyes. This is helpful for phone users who use their phone in the hours before going to sleep at night, or who can’t resist the urge to check their phone notifications during the middle of the night. The glass coating is smudge-resistant and easy to clean. There is also an anti-microbial treatment that kills 99% of harmful surface bacteria and germs with selected Zagg InvisibleShield Glass covers.

The Zagg InvisibleShield range is available for both iPhone and Samsung mobile devices with many of the features available across both phone brands.
Hot tip: Glass covers are usually more fingerprint and smudge resistant and are easier to clean than alternative covers. High quality glass phone covers are usually very strong.

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