Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless Cameras

The latest addition to the digital camera family, mirrorless cameras feature both interchangeable lenses and manual settings. Their mirrorless design makes them lighter and more compact. Unlike a DSLR, which reflects an image into an optical viewfinder using a mirror, a mirrorless camera uses a sensor to feed through to an electronic viewfinder or LCD screen. Striking a balance between DSLR & Compact cameras, a mirrorless gives you the best of both.

Mirrorless cameras already use their sensors' continuous output to constantly preview the scene, so it's not a big adjustment for them to capture this output as movie footage. Mirrorless cameras have led the charge towards offering constantly improving video and the clever photographic tricks that can stem from it. These cameras also offer rapid fire and very high 'snapping' speed and perform so well in dim light that a flash isn't needed. Mirrorless cameras also provide a much better zoom than other cameras. 

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