Create Your Gift List with These Simple Steps

1.Create Your Gift List

If you don’t have an existing Harvey Norman account, click on the ‘Create Account’ link then enter the required details and click ‘Save’. Once you’ve successfully registered for your account, you will have access to all store features.

Go to our ‘Gift Registry’ page, click on ‘Create Your List’, and enter your event details then click ‘Save’.

2.Choose Products for Your Gift List

Now the real fun begins - browsing our extensive online product range! Add items to your gift list simply by clicking on the product itself. Once in the product page, click the ‘Add To Gift Registry’ button located on the right-hand side.

If you wish to remove an item or update a status on your gift list, go to the ‘Gift Registry’ page and click on the ‘Manage Your List’ button. Select the registry event you wish to edit. Click on the (x) button next to the product you wish to remove. Hint: Ensure your guests haven’t already purchased that product to avoid confusion.

3.Notify Your Guests

Click the link to the ‘Gift Registry’ page and then click on the ‘Manage Your List’ button. Select the link to the registry event you wish to invite guests to. From here, there are two ways you can tell your guests about your gift list:

  1. Copy your unique invite URL - as displayed on the right-hand side of the page – and email it to your guests.
  2. Enter the email address of each guest in the ‘Add Subscriber’ box and tick the ‘Send Invite’ box.

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