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Get an extra set of helping hands in the kitchen with our homewares range. At Harvey Norman we offer a variety of cookware and kitchenware to make cooking and cleaning a whole lot easier. From pots to saucers to an e-cloth for cleaning, we’ve got all the essentials that will help you to prep, cook and polish efficiently.

Choose from a range of cooking utensils, dishes and chopping boards that will bring your cooking vision to life. Discover new techniques when you experiment with different recipes made easier with the right tools to make the meals you’ve always wanted. We also offer cookware sets that include up to twelve pieces, allowing you to have all the fundamentals for preparing a dish, available to order online.

Explore some of the best brands in the cooking industry like Shaffer, Breville and Tefal. Become the master chef of your kitchen and experience quality cooking when you invest in top of the range equipment. Take a step into the cooking evolution with digital kitchen scales featuring a modern touch screen and LCD display perfect for weighing ingredients. Shop online and be a part of a fun and creative cooking adventure with our kitchenware and cookware collection.

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