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The latest high-tech appliances will change the way you prepare and store food in your kitchen. We’ve got an array of choices from the best brands offering everything from a huge variety of market leading fridges, dishwashers, InSinkerator and taps.

Our stainless steel range from brands like Westinghouse, AEG, Fisher and Paykel will give your kitchen a fresh, modern, sparkling clean look and feel. If you’re looking at fridge freezer combinations, there’s a diverse collection to choose from, with different colours, styles and sizes, from highly sought after brands.

Add a new oven, induction cooktop or rangehood to your kitchen and let the best new cooking technology help you prepare more of the dishes you love. Upgrade to a Samsung Fridge and enjoy features such as built-in deodorisers, ice and water dispensers for instant cold drinks and a built-in touchscreen with thousands of recipes (Samsung Family Hub 671L).

For passionate wine connoisseurs, keep your collection in optimal condition with a humidity-controlled wine fridge.

Take the strain out of cleaning up after a meal with an energy efficient, spacious and quiet dishwasher and waste disposal units like the InSinkerator. Choose from the likes of a Bosch, AEG, Miele, Electrolux or Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher and relax while your dishes are quickly cleaned and come out looking spotless.

Discover our range of kitchen essentials and choose the products that are best suited for your needs with just a few simple clicks. Shop online today and enjoy the ease of the home-delivery option for selected items.

Browse our comprehensive range online, get advice online or visit your local Harvey Norman store to get in-person expertise.

Built-In Ovens at Harvey Norman

Find the perfect appliance for your kitchen space

At Harvey Norman, we understand the kitchen is the heart of your home. A place to let your creativity flourish and to bring your family together, we have the latest in cookware from the best brands in the industry to make your kitchen space truly yours. Our diverse range of cookware is equipped with the newest innovations to bring your kitchen up to modern standards and will bring the excitement back to your dinner table. Plus, we also have sink and tap, dishwasher and waste disposal options available to make clean ups a breeze. Shop below for all your cookware needs.

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Built-In Ovens at Harvey Norman

Built-In Ovens

Whether you're simply replacing your oven or renovating the whole kitchen, you’ll find the option that perfectly suits you amongst our range of freestanding and built-in ovens. Combination steam and sousvide ovens allow you to create mouth-watering specialty dishes while pyrolitic ovens make cleaning an absolute breeze as they can be heated to high temperatures that burn grease and grime into ash which can be easily wiped away. For the larger families or the proud home cook, double oven options give you added space to prepare multiple meals at once. Fill the gap in your kitchen with a built-in ovens that perfectly fits your size, space and cooking requirements.

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Freestanding ovens at Harvey Norman


A freestanding oven, commonly known as a stove, range or cooker, is an oven and cooktop combined into one freestanding unit. Any configuration goes – an electric or gas oven with a gas, induction or ceramic hob. Whether you're replacing an old unit or completely revamping your kitchen you'll be sure to find the right style and width to fit into any "hole" in your kitchen cabinetry.

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Cooktops at Harvey Norman


Cooktops come in gas, electric and induction options. Gas cooktops come in a much broader range and can be raised or flush with the bench top, with a huge range of burner layouts and sizes. Electric cooktops bring a modern aesthetic to your kitchen and in many cases, are the most affordable option available. Induction cooktops are the new benchmark in cooktops as they transfer heat to your pots and pan rather than simply heating the surface of them. They boast exceptional efficiency, are more responsive than gas cooktops, and feature an easy-clean surface that looks great in any kitchen.

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Rangehoods at Harvey Norman


Rangehoods are designed to remove excess smoke, steam, grease and fumes while you cook. Fixed rangehoods generally cover the entire stove area. They do not extend out, or retract back, so they have a large filter. Slide-out rangehoods extend out over the entire cooking area when needed. They can retract when not in use, saving space. Canopy rangehoods look great and can be mounted on the wall or above a kitchen island. External motor options are also available which produce little to no sound when running.

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Dishwashers at Harvey Norman


Shop for a dishwasher that suits your lifestyle. A Freestanding dishwasher can be located almost anywhere in your kitchen so long as it can be plumbed in. Freestanding dishwashers require no complicated installation. Simply plumb them in, turn them on and you’re ready-to-go. Integrated and semi-integrated dishwashers are intended to be permanent fixtures in your kitchen. They are installed into a custom shell and cannot be used as a standalone appliance. These dishwashers do not have finished sides or tops as they will remain hidden once the appliance has been installed.

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Microwaves at Harvey Norman


Choose a microwave that complements or expands your existing appliances. Conventional microwaves (sometimes referred to as standard microwaves) are the most common and most affordable variety whereas convection microwave ovens (sometimes referred to as a combi ovens) are more versatile than conventional microwaves, offering numerous cooking functions in the same compact form. Or, try a built-in microwave oven which is likely to appeal to anyone who is having their kitchen remodelled. They can become a design feature of your new space and keep counter tops clear.

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Sinks & Taps at Harvey Norman

Sinks and Taps

The sink is an essential item as the kitchen sink is seen as the heart of the kitchen. Whether it's a single bowl or a double bowl, whether it’s flush mounted or undermount, you’ll find that there is a sink for every need and every budget. Couple your sink with a brand new tap to give your kitchen a sleek, modern look. With options such as swivel taps, pull out taps and even Hot/Cold taps which dispense near boiling water instantly, you’ll be spoilt by the range of different shapes and finishes available to give your kitchen your preferred aesthetic.

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Waste Disposal at Harvey Norman

Waste Disposal

Waste disposals—sometimes called garbage disposers—are a cook’s best friend, grinding up and washing away kitchen scraps with the touch of a switch. Kitchen garbage disposals reduce the amount of food waste in your home and can cut down on unwanted odors in your trash can.

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